About Us

Alex & Elyse

We're Elyse & Alex, the couple behind Barter Bread Bakery. We started Barter Bread out of a desire for community and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, like many people, we had an excess of homemade sourdough bread that we wanted to share with others. We decided to take money out of the equation and turn the bakery into a creative, relationship-driven pursuit.

We've loved getting to know people through their passions — artwork, cooking, ceramics, photography, collecting mussels — and building a grassroots community, one barter at a time. We want people to have fun with bartering, and to give as they would want to receive. If you think something you do, make or care about is fun, chances are we will, too. Everyone has something unique and special to offer. (This "about us" section was written through a barter!)

We also encourage donations to local nonprofits and organizations we think are doing important work in the Bay Area. Check out BMAGIC, La Cocina, and Old Skool Cafe to name a few. 

Alex is an avid baker, part-time software developer, and loves to meet people.  Elyse is also a baker, a graphic designer, and an ice cream enthusiast. Her favorite Barter Bread loaf is the potato-rosemary sourdough.

We bake with a 100+ year old starter named Grandpa Ray — the same starter that Alex's great-grandfather used to make sourdough biscuits decades ago in southern Utah, mixed with a touch of San Francisco starter (yes, you can barter for some of Grandpa Ray).

When we're not baking or bartering, you can find us exploring the Bayview, on a road trip, hiking, enjoying the food of San Francisco or playing pickleball.