We believe everyone has something unique and special to offer.

Principle 1 - Have Fun
Bartering should be fun. It is about the experience. Don't worry about finding an item exactly the "value" of a bread. Just have fun.

Principle 2 - There's No Wrong Way to Barter
Physical items, jokes, stories, songs, teach a skill, photo shoot, etc

Principle 3 - Follow the Golden Rule
If it is something you'd enjoy receiving, we probably will too!


How it works

When you place an order you will be required to specify something to barter. There are a few suggestions to choose from, or an "Other" option. We are very excited to barter "donations to local organizations" for bread. This gives us a chance to truly support our community. We are also excited to barter for home cooked meals, and an assortment of items from the list below. Your idea not on the list? Tell us about it!


Our wishlist:

  • Fresh flower arrangements
  • Rock climbing shoes (men's 11)
  • Rock climbing harness
  • Online Yoga Classes
  • Fresh fruit (no jams please-we've got lots)
  • Fresh veggies
  • Home cooking (we tend to eat meat-free)
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Homemade pasta
  • Homemade art
  • Handwritten poetry
  • Standup comedy
  • Magic tricks
  • A musical performance
  • Vinyls (Queen, Talking Heads, or similar)
  • Singing lessons
  • Woodshop lessons
  • Spanish language lessons
  • Bread photo shoots
  • A service in your field
  • Batard shaped bannetons
  • Backpacking lantern
  • Pandemic (the game)

Donations to Local Organizations (choose a local organization to support)

  • Old Skool Cafe
  • BMAGIC (kids in Bayview)
  • Bayview Hunters Point Foundation
  • 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic
  • Good Samaritan FRC
  • Bayview YMCA
  • Back on My Feet
  • SF LGBT Center
  • Glide
  • La Casa de las Madres
  • La Cocina
  • Others (please tell us about more!)